“If you’re wondering if it's time for VoIP, then you’ve come to the right place”

Would you trade 30 minutes of your time to be more productive and save hundreds?

In thirty short minutes, I will show you how VoIP based phone services can increase the productivity of your business while at the same time, cut your monthly phone bill by as much as seventy-five percent in as little as one month.

Jerry Kendall, Grandstream Certified Expert & Trainer

Show Me More!

Show me how I can be more productive and cut expenses with VoIP.

5 Key Points to consider

Technology Improvements

VoIP uses the latest in Internet Access Services from your choice of Internet Service Providers – No longer are you limited who you can get your phone services from.

Phone System Features

Both Analog and VoIP phone systems have their base core features. Things like Voicemail, Auto Attendants and Call Forwarding are universal. VoIP, however, has many newer features that are not available with its Analog counterpart.

Future Proofing

Analog phone systems use landlines. These are fast becoming a thing of the past as Tier-1 phone companies are phasing out their landline technologies in favour of the more capable fibre optic links. Landlines are limited to call at a time. VoIP uses your internet connection to make a receive phone calls and your internet connection is built on top of the newer fibre optic links that can handle 10 thousand calls on a single 1GB link.

Location Flexibility

VoIP uses the network in your office to make and receive calls, as such any place that there is a network access port you can put a VoIP capable desk phone. Some models even support WiFi.


The total cost of ownership is very often then single deciding factor when comparing Analog to VoIP. As a business owner, cutting expenses is always on your mind. With VoIP, adding new lines or locations is trivial and the monthly costs are usually 25-75% lower.

Understanding these 5 points and many others that I will show you, I am confident that you will improve business productivity and cut your phone expenses.

Take the challenge!

Show me how I can be more productive and cut expenses with VoIP.

Who is this for?

An Accounting Firm that has staff both in the office and working remotely. As VoIP is location independent and only needs the Internet to work, the phones can be plugged in at the office, home and the cottage.

A medical or dental clinic that want’s to reduce their monthly phone bill gain enhanced features only available through VoIP.

A software development firm that has staff all around the country but want’s all calls going to the main switchboard.

A Real-Estate office that has many agents out on the road meeting sellers and showing properties.

A Travel Agency that has staff in multiple countries with different phone numbers in each country.

Tell Me More!

Show me how I can be more productive and cut expenses with VoIP.